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Pulse-Keepers CPR's mission is to utilize decades of nursing experiences to provide first aid and life support training for all members of our community at all skill levels. 
Pulse-Keepers CPR's vision is to increase the probability of survival for those who suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac event by providing the community with the education and skills training needed to initiate immediate First Aid and/or CPR when needed.



Core Values

We care about our community's well-being.  Our family  of instructors is committed to consistently  provide first aid and life support education to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills needed to provide High-Quality CPR.  This is one of our Contributions towards making a difference in the survival rates of people who suffer cardiac events within our community.  

"EVERYONE who knows Anyone with a Beating Heart should know how to help to make it re-start"-- Pulse-Keepers CPR.

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