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IV Therapy Refresher Course

This course is created to review the anatomy of the venous system, basic IV care principles, universal precautions, as well as providing hands-on IV insertion skills practice.  Participants will review/learn to place and manage peripheral intravenous lines and blood draw.  We will also review how to maintain IV infusions (and sites), administer medication intravenously, and calculate medication drip rates.  Hands-on participation includes successfully completing IV start and blood draw.  

There are currently no CEUs associated with this course.

Who is this Course For? 

This course was created for anyone who currently works (as well as those preparing to preparing to) in Healthcare and are required to start and/or maintain IV sites and infusions. Participants are required to present proof of current license, graduate status, or school enrollment in a healthcare-related field. 

How do I register?

Visit our IV Course Registration page
Please click this link or email us (info@pulse-keepers.com) to schedule your training. 

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