COVID-19 Information

We have decreased the number of participants allowed in each class in compliance with the recommendations as set forth by CDC and AHA regarding safe handling and safe distancing. We intend to continue to provide the needed life support training members of the medical community. 

All participants are required to:

1. Have their temperature checked. 

2. Maintain good hand hygiene during the training session

3. Wear gloves during the training session.

4. Wear face mask while in the training room.   

Anyone exhibiting any cold/flu symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.,) will be required to immediately depart the training and reschedule once they are no longer exhibiting any symptoms.  

In the meantime, please keep yourself and your loved-ones safe; and, remember to practice good hand hygiene as explained by the CDC.

Click here for CDC updates.

Click here for Conyers/Rockdale County updates.

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