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Caring for Family at home 

This course is designed to equip those who have bravely chosen to care for their family member(s) at home with basic care skills such as assisting with activities of daily living, assisted ambulation and chair transfers. Participants will also receive their two-year First Aid CPR & AED card.  This is a three session training activity. 


Please make every effort to attend your scheduled training as all payments are Final and there are NO Refunds.

As a result of COVID-19, ALL participants are required to wear proper PPE during the entire training session.

Who is this Course For? 

This training series was created for adult family members preparing to or who are currently providing medical and/or personal care to their in-home family members.  Unlicensed home care providers are also encouraged to participate in this course series.   

How do I register?

Please click this link or email us (info@pulse-keepers.com) to schedule your training. 

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